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Comments of the Netherlands on SCC document CPR 13-12rev1

31/1/2018 Comments of the Netherlands on SCC document CPR 13-12rev1 ‘Way forward within standardisation for including other essential characteristics’ In reaction to CPR 13-12rev1 the Netherlands would like to repeat its previous comments on CPR 12-03: CEN is an institution of the EC, according to the ECJ judgement of James Elliott. According to article 267 VWEU the EU has a responsibility for CEN’s task on the subject of essential characteristics based on the mandate. For this task Lees meer [...]

Update ontwikkeling in BWR 7

Update ontwikkeling in BWR 7                                                                                            Maart 2018 EOTA heeft een EAD voor hergebruikte baksteen opgesteld met daarin ook iets voor BWR7, te weten een EPD volgens EN15804. De Commissie heeft tot op heden erg weinig willen doen aan BWR7, maar staan nu onder druk wel wat te gaan regelen. Tegen EOTA is gezegd dat ze de EAD Lees meer [...]

CPR 13/12rev1 CEN Common Paper

CPR 13/12rev1 Way forward within standardisation for including other essential characteristics In the aftermath of the reactions from various stakeholders, regarding the Standing Committee document 12/03, CEN and Commission services have been engaged in a constructive dialogue on the treatment of additional characteristics. During this process, a consensus has emerged on the outlines of our common approach how to tackle this matter in practical standardisation work, in accordance with the general Lees meer [...]

CPR 12-03 Additional char-s in harmonised standards

CPR 12-03 Additional characteristics in harmonised standards ("What kinds of performance should harmonised standards cover under the CPR and how?")   CEN TCs have recently come more and more frequently up with the question about the introduction (or the retaining) of additional characteristics into harmonised product standards (hENs) under the CPR (305/2011/EU), not including them into Annex ZA. This has prompted the EC services not only to establish a coherent line of action on Lees meer [...]

Comments of the Netherlands on CPR 13-13

31/1/2018 Comments of the Netherlands on JIS document Subgroup 5 ‘CENTC approach to dangerous substances’/ SCC document CPR 13-13 ‘Current situation on how to treat Dangerous Substances in hENs’ Introduction The Netherlands has notified Dutch legislation which covers BWR 3/DS (Dangerous Substances) for the use of stony building materials in housing and infrastructure. This legislation covers building materials that can be in contact with rainwater, surface water of groundwater and Lees meer [...]